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Lotus Book Blog offers diverse posts including reviews, articles, giveaways and other book-related content. The blog features book reviews from different genres ranging from adult fiction to business. You’ll find posts about upcoming books from some of the biggest publishers and articles aimed at the book-loving community! What’s a blog without some giveaways, so keep an eye out for our regular competitions!! The books featured come from different avenues, including publishers, public library book sales, second-hand bookstores and weekly craft markets.

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I first found a love for reading after having read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist in high school and have since been trying to read as many books as possible! I grew up as a gamer stuck in front of a TV playing PlayStation till the early hours of the night. Reading got me through school and varsity, keeping me grounded while also stimulating my imagination. I enjoy different genres of books but I specifically enjoy reading adult fiction and business books!

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Lover of all things Harry Potter! I’m on a quest to collect all Harry Potter books published by Bloomsbury. I absolutely love those covers! They remind me of my childhood when I loved reading and my imagination ran wild. I’m a big fan of fantasy fiction too! I spend my nights reading till late in the night when my eyes can’t bear to stay open any longer. Whenever I’m not re-reading old books, I spend my time reading fictional novels and popular YA series!

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