These are 5 of the worst bookish problems that I face quuuuuite often:

New books vs Second-Hand Books:

While I love the smell of new books, I’m an absolute sucker for a bargain! I could easily get a number of sought-after second-hand books at the cost of one new book. While some dread the idea of someone else having owned a book before them, I actually prefer buying second-hand books. (I think my posts about Second-Hand Bookstores part 1 and part 2  is a dead giveaway).

Bad Books – To Finish or Not to Finish:

On a couple of occasions I read a book that received plenty praise or was recommended to me, but halfway through, I find that I’m actually not enjoying it. Then the question beckons… Should I or should I not finish this book? Munira from A Touch Of Starlight recently posed this question in one of her latest posts. I believe in practising the art of non-finishing which I learnt from Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week. I just can’t afford to waste precious time on reading bad books!

mourinho no gif.gif

Finding the perfect reading spot:

Is there even such a thing as a perfect reading spot?? I often find myself turning and switching positions if the reading spot is just not right! Your reading spot definitely can’t be too comfortable either or you’ll end up falling asleep zZz. I quite enjoy reading on my bed or sitting upright (how I read most of the time when using public transport). I even enjoy reading fictional novels while cycling on my exercise bike (weird, I know).

jake g book in bed.gif

One Book at a time vs Multiple Books at a time:

I often switch between reading just one book at a time to reading 3 or 4 at the same time. Sometimes my TBR list is too long and I get anxious about never starting any of them then I end up reading the first few chapters of every odd book! Other times I look myself in the mirror and say “GET YOUR ACT RIGHT AND FINISH THE DAMN BOOK!” then focus on 1 book hoping to finish it before the rest. Before I decide to take on more than 1 book now I check if I can manage them before just diving in.

plenty books gif.gif

Choosing your favourite book:

Nihaad from Read and Seek Blog mentioned in a recent post how she too has been asked on MULTIPLE occasions what her favourite book was and it’s just too hard of a question to answer! I feel the exact same way! It would be best to ask what my favourite genre is – because if you’re talking specifics, I hope you have all day. Don’t ask me about my favourite book, I have plenty of favourite books and authors! Please don’t make me choose!


What are some of your bookish problems? Let me know in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “TOP 5 BOOKISH PROBLEMS”

  1. Although I love buying new books, I do find a lot of pleasure in second hand book stores (more for the store than the actual books). It’s delightful when I find a book that I’ve always wanted & it’s in a vintage edition. I especially like the bookstore in Gordons Bay!

    I have a problem about not finishing books – I usually force myself to finish them even if it pains me :-/


    1. Lol Glad you like second-hand bookstores too. Seen too many people pull their faces when they hear “secondhand”. Oh you really do love vintage covers hey. You have more strength than me to finish bad books haha


  2. I love new books but buy a lot of used books these days, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford my habits. I do have certain requirements when choosing used books though – I won’t buy a book that looks too used.
    Thanks for the follow and I did the same.
    If you’re on youtube, you might also want to check out my channel where I proclaim my love of books. Today’s blog post shares my recent video.

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    1. Haha books are quite expensive here too. I agree with you that requirement about not buying books thats too used. I still have to be able to page through it without the pages breaking off lol Thanks, will check it out!

      Liked by 1 person

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